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Whittier Union Adult School

Miss Martha's Mommy, Daddy and Me Classes

It is our last week. Time marches along under all circumstances. I am grateful that you continued class with me and gave Parent Ed a chance to learn a lot. You are amazing parents and your children are blessed to have you. Thank you for sharing this uncertain time with me. I hope I have been helpful to you and your family. You all were apart of my "QuarenTEAM"
The best part of these last weeks is that it has slowed life down a bit and given us more time with our families. Life lessons and skills are some of the most important things we can teach our children. Resiliency and we can get through, at its best. You are wonderful parents. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
With all my best, "Miss Martha" 
Week of May 4th
May Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Mothers Day. In baseball they call that a full count.
We are grateful for the warm weather. A chance to get outside and play.
I want to wish you all a wonderful Mothers Day. You always should be celebrated.This year the roof should be raised with joy, dedication, appreciation, and love. Mothers are always all we are right now during covid-19. Its just even more amplified. It's the cooking that's putting me over the top. I have the kitchen all cleaned up and its time to eat again.
I celebrate you! 
M: magical O: outstanding T: thoughtful H: helpful E: everything R: right there always
Week of April 27, 2020
Amazing! April is coming to a close. Life has settled in, a bit. I hope you know how much joy fills my heart every week when I see you in our Zoom class. Please join in if you haven't already. Last week we enjoyed Parents Night Out...IN. Please send a note to me through Remind to give me your feed back. You can see the notes from our speaker Sherry Reeve attached to my note. She reminded of us of some really important approaches, we as parents need to keep in the front of our minds.
Also attached is a Time Capsule a parent shared with me, that I want to share with all of you. These are historical times. Your children are to young to realize it now, but we are not. Take some advice from an older trusted friend, you will not remember as much as you think when it comes to telling the stories. Use the TIME CAPSULE attached and save the memories. Share it with your family and friends. Its a keep sake.
Enjoy the spring activities, crafts, song and story you will find in your classroom tabs. 
I hope you and your family are well and are enjoying teaching them to share in your family team while doing chores (household contributions), baking together (science) playing cards or games (math, social development). So many good things.
It is now Monday April 13, 2020. I hope you have found new routines to give some calm to your day. Routines help people feel calmer than when there aren't any routine. Routines also allow people to know what is coming next. Another element to feeling calmer. Routines make it clear what is expected. Yet again, feeling calm. In every case, it may not bring "calm" but it may bring "calmer" Wouldn't that be nice?
Another way to look at this is make "a plan" for the day. Sit at breakfast and talk with the family about what should happen today. "When should we get _________ done. Should we play legos before or after we do an art project for Miss Martha's class? What will you do while I'm making dinner? Who can take care of_______?
When you put it all together you will have your day set. Make only this activity and you will have a routine.
Hello my friends,
I am trying something new so even in these weeks of no "in class" time, we can continue our learning. I hope everyone is staying well. Please remember parents, that children hear everything you talk about. My recommendation is that you build a routine that works for your family. Always include reading to your children. Sing, craft, snuggle, get outside and stay positive. Using empathetic statements opens the mind and heart for learning. Do something everyday for yourself, to take care of you. 
You will find on my webpage a place to click on your class and find crafts, videos and articles to enjoy. Pre K families, please look in the Tuesday/Wednesday class too. Everyone can enjoy both classes. 
Always thinking of you.
Miss Martha
Fun Fact: Penguins often dance for joy in the sight of someone they love. They sing their love for each other. Penguins are certainly not shy about showing their love.
Family Time comes first.