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Whittier Adult School

Course Descriptions

Alphabetized Course Descriptions

For Reading, Writing, Math please see Adult Basic Education (ABE)

10-Key Calculator

You will learn basic 10-key skills and methods of calculations used in the workplace. A prerequisite packet will be issued to you by your instructor that will increase your speed, teach proper ergonomics, and will introduce you to basic calculations. After completion of this handout, you will complete a 10-key book that will teach you techniques and functions that will develop marketable business skills. You will be learning various adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, percentage utilization drills, and common business calculation applications. This class is self-paced. Enrolling is open entry.

Academic Skills Center

Each student in the Skills Center works on an individualized program, completing course requirements through passing unit tests as well as completing individualized projects and writing assignments as required. Each student’s success is evaluated on individual achievement. Courses meet state content standards. Individualized help is available from the teaching staff. Length of study will depend on course work assigned and consistency of attendance (maximum 6 months per course). Upon enrollment, the student may attend one or more of the scheduled morning, afternoon or evening sessions listed below. All work must be done in the classroom.

Basic Accounting Theory

Pre-requisite: 10-key proficiency
Book required to purchase

Using a combination of a text and working papers, you will have the opportunity to learn the basic double-entry accounting system. In the beginning of the course, you will be studying the accounting cycle in its most basic form. You will then go on to learn some of the variations that appear in the books of most businesses. Be prepared to learn a new vocabulary as you proceed through each chapter. After completing the first part of the book, you will be able to apply your skills to QuickBooks and an automated accounting computer program. After completion of both sections of the accounting course and QuickBooks, we offer an articulation agreement with Rio Hondo College. See instructor for more details about this. 

Adult Basic Education - Reading, Writing & Math

Advanced Listening & Speaking Transitional English

Listening and speaking practice for students who have completed English as a Second Language classes, but want to continue to improve their oral language and conversational English skills. Includes practice with pronunciation.


Basic Math

Review or learn basic math skills from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers to fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios. Students work on the skills they need.


Basic Reading - Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced

Students are placed into reading classes according to skills needed - phonics, vocabulary development, comprehension skills, etc. All classes include group and individualized activities, including using computers for learning activities.


Basic Writing -

Students will begin with basic sentence structure and will progress in the writing process to writing an essay. These courses are designed to develop a firm basis in language, word usage, grammar and writing skills. Students may be introduced to the use of computers for writing activities.

Business Writing

Basic writing and proofreading skills including: paragraph writing, grammar, and punctuation.

Business Math

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents, graphs, measurement, and word problems.


An accelerated “fast track” review of U.S. history and government emphasizing preparation for the USCIS Naturalization process and exam. Opportunities for practicing oral and written English will be provided. Vocabulary and terminology will be clarified. A good review is provided for those planning to apply for citizenship or for those who need to review for the test or final interview.

Computer Essentials

Prerequisites: Recommended typing speed of at least 25 wpm.
This course is geared for the new computer user or for the self-taught individual. It introduces basic computer use and terminology, managing files and folders, viruses, navigating the web, working with email, and hands-on practice with Microsoft Word and Excel.
Book and Flash Drive required.

Computer Repair 1A - Hardware

Exploring the internal components of a computer system is always intriguing, exiting and fun. In our hands-on lab you will discover what’s inside a typical computer by doing it yourself.  You will learn the acronyms, parts, and components that make up a complete system.  At end of the course you will be able to:

  • Assemble / disassemble a computer system
  • Identify the components of a computer system
  • Build a computer system from scratch
  • Troubleshoot / repair hardware problems
  • Identify compatible components
  • Estimate component costs
  • Upgrade existing hardware components

Computer Repair 1B - Software

Fixing viruses, Blue Screen of Death and software issues are just some of the few exiting things that you will learn in this course.  First you will learn how does an operating system work, history of MS Windows operating systems.   Then you will master MS Windows installations, locating device driver software and learn the tools that will help you maximize your time such as cloning,  backing up and virtual machines.  At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Install MS Windows Operating Systems
  • Locate drivers, updates,
  • Perform windows updates and patches
  • Troubleshoot / repair software problems
  • Remove viruses, spyware, adware
  • Fix issues related to Blue Screen of Death
  • Perform backups and restore data from backups
  • Find utilities to maximize computer efficiency
  • Install and remove software
The Computer Repair 1B Software course is designed to prepare students to operate, maintain and repair microcomputers.   Students enrolled in this course will begin their preparation towards their CompTIA A+ Certification test.  The program includes related instruction and hands-on applications in Microsoft Windows operating systems DOS, Windows XP, Windows 7.  Students will learn to install, configure and troubleshoot MS Windows operating systems.  Integrated throughout the course are best practices for effective troubleshooting, communication techniques, PC protection from malware and safety precautions.
Computer Repair 1C - Networking

How do you get two or fifty computers to communicate with each other?  How do they share resources such as the internet, printers, software, data and how do you make sure that this is done in a secured way?  This course will teach you the basics of networking to allow you to perform all of the above and more.  In this course you will learn:

  • What makes up a network and its benefits
  • Design an efficient and cost effective network
  • Implement security in your network
  • Manage a Small Office Home Office router
  • Deploy a wireless network
  • Troubleshoot / repair network issues
  • Identify network components
  • Estimate component costs
  • Upgrade existing networking components
  • Make an Ethernet cable
Customer Service

The Customer Service class is designed to improve customer relation and communication skills. Discussion on Quality Customer Service, Positive & Negative Experiences, Attitude, Body Language and How to Effectively Deal with Upset Customers will be a few of the topics covered.

English As A Second Language / Inglés Como Segundo Idioma

English classes include listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Instruction is provided in a sequence of levels. Some classes may include more than one level and some levels may not be available at all locations. Students may continue to enroll throughout the year as long as space is available.

Daytime classes are offered at: Sierra Education Center & Ceres School

Evening classes are offered at : Sierra Education Center only 


In this filing class, you will learn the rules and procedures set forth by the Association for Record Managers and Administrators (ARMA). After discussing various filing objectives during lecture meetings, you will be required to practice what you have learned through exercises and tests. After competency and completion of this course, a certificate will be earned. The filing class is offered at various times during the year. Please verify the starting date and time of this class.
Book required for class.

Job Search Skills

Today's job market is changing and so are the methods that you need to use for effective job searching. Students will complete actual working documents that will be utilized when contacting employers. Topics include Applications & On-Line Application, Cover Letters, Resumes, Plain Text Resumes, Interview Techniques, Follow up procedures and various Job Searching Techniques. A must for anyone looking for work!

GED Program

Our GED Preparation Program provides instruction in the five subject areas required for the GED test Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Math. Our classes meet four days a week at the Sierra Educational Center. Both morning and evening classes are available to accommodate the varying demands of our students schedules. We offer open enrollment, so students are able to register at any time throughout the semester.

Before beginning their studies, our students are assessed to identify their specific areas of need. They are then prescribed courses of study, based on the results of their assessments, to be completed at the GED Prep Lab.

Students studying at the lab have individualized programs which allow them to study at their own level and at their own pace. They are assisted by fully-credentialed teachers and highly qualified instructional aides.

Upon mastering their subjects, students are able to take the official GED test once a month in the evenings, at the Sierra Ed. Center. Specific sub-tests are also offered once a week in the mornings. (Please see our Schedule of Classes or contact the school office for specific dates and times.)

Three steps to success:

Step 1: Getting Started         
• Make an appointment to see a counselor. Call 562-698-8121 Ext. 1330 or go to Room H-706 to make an appointment.

• Register and attend an orientation at 8:45 am or 6:45 pm in room H-708.

Step 2: In Class
• Use Official G.E.D. Practice Tests to determine what you need to study.

• Use computer software to learn at your own pace. (No computer skills needed.)

• Receive individual help from teacher and aides in Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing, and Grammar.

• Check your progress and get feedback from teachers to let you know when you are ready to take the G.E.D. test.

Step 3: Take the Test
• The GED test is a computer-based exam.

• Go to to find a test site.

• Schedule and pay for the exam online.


 Reasoning through Language Arts       Mathematical     Reasoning      Science          Social Studies  


High School Diploma

The following courses are available to those who want to complete a high school diploma. Most courses are available in the Academic Skills Center at Sierra Education Center.

A counselor’s referral is required for enrollment in any high school diploma class.
Adults have priority in all adult school classes. Call 562-698-8121 Ext. 1330 for more information.

Algebra 1♥
English 1, 2, 3 & 4
Art History
Environmental Science
Students & the Law*
Basic Math
U.S. Government
Biological Science
U.S. History
Child Development & Parenting*
Intro to Art Appreciation
World Geography*
Consumer Math
Intro to Computers*
World History
*Elective Courses

Important: All graduates must have successfully completed Algebra 1.

♥ Algebra 1 is not taught in the Academic Skills Center, and is currently available to adult students through scheduled group classroom instruction only . Placement in the class will be by assessment and referral from an ADULT SCHOOL teacher or counselor only. Classes will be formed throughout the year as needed. In preparation for algebra, students may review (non-credit) pre-algebra skills in the G.E.D. Lab, RM H-708. Call (562) 698-8121 Ext. 1300 for more information.


Internet Research and Communication

Prerequisites: Completion of Computer Essentials or equivalent.
This course is geared for beginners and takes a business approach to using the Internet and Microsoft Outlook. It introduces the basics of using the Internet, web browsers, using search engines, the basic features of email, and working with the calendar and tasks.

Book and Flash Drive required.

 Keyboarding Advanced Skill Building

Skill Building Mastery is a self-paced, advanced speed-building keyboarding course designed to increase typing speed and accuracy. Basic proofreading, spelling and editing techniques are also practiced. The goal is to achieve employable levels of 50+ wpm with five errors or less on a five-minute timing.

Medical Office Skills Classes

Medical Office Skills Classes

  • Anatomy
  • Chart Note Interpretation
  • Computerized Medical Billing
  • Computerized Medical Office Management
  • Computerized Medical Speed Typing
  • Correspondence (forms, letters, memos)
  • HIPPA Rules & Regulations
  • • Machine Transcription
    • Medical Accounts Receivable
    • Medical Filing
    • Medical Office Scheduling
    • Medical Secretary
    • Medical Spelling
    • Medical Terminology
    • Medical Transcription
Medical Workshops

CPT Coding Classes

This course is an introduction to Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), Fourth Edition, which will focus on codes, descriptors and guidelines intended to describe procedures & services performed by physicians and other health care providers to insure proper reimbursement from insurance companies. Prerequisite: Medical Terminology or Instructor recommendation.


ICD-10 Coding Classes

This course is an introduction to the ICD-10 CM (International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification) clinical and coding information that will cover the processes and guidelines for correct coding diagnoses and procedures utilizing Volumes I, II, & III of the ICD-10 coding book. Prerequisite: Medical Terminology or Instructor recommendation.



Medical Insurance Application & Billing

This course will familiarize students with completion of various insurance claims and proper billing procedures. The following forms will be covered: Medi-Cal, Champus VA. Differences between PPO, HMO and EPO insurances will be covered.

Mommy and Me

Please see Parent Education

MS Excel or Access

Each subject is a separate class. Excel is an open entry/open exit course. Learn to produce professional spreadsheets including formulas. Create and edit database tables, forms, reports and queries. Prerequisite: Typing 25 wpm & completion of Intro to Computers or equivalent. Books Required.

MS Excel 2010 (Specialist/Level 1)

Prerequisites: Keyboard 25 wpm, completion of Computer Essentials or equivalent.
This course is designed for students who want to learn how to use this powerful spreadsheet program. Many companies use a spreadsheet to analyze and evaluate information for numerical and financial data. Microsoft Excel can be used for such activities as creating financial statements, preparing budgets, managing inventory and to manipulate numerical data and other numbers based information. Upon completion student will be able to: create and edit spreadsheets, format cells, columns, and rows in a professional manner, have the computer analyze and or calculate numerical data, and prepare data that achieves the goal efficiently and effectively. Book and flash drive required.

MS Advanced Excel 2010 (Expert/Level 2)

Prerequisites: Keyboard 35 wpm, completion of MS Excel Specialist/Level 1 or equivalent.
Complex analysis of numerical data is made easier with the advanced features in Microsoft Excel 2010. Learn to use functions with conditional logic and apply various tools to assist with projections, analyzing, consolidation, and managing data. Upon completion student will be able to: Ensure data integrity, conditionally summarize data using a formula, lookup or find data with a formula, apply conditional formatting, and apply advanced filters. Book and flash drive required.

MS Outlook (Specialist)

Prerequisites: Keyboard 25 wpm, completion of Internet Research and Communication or equivalent.
This course teachers how to perform communication, scheduling, and organizational tasks to help one work efficiently and effectively. Students will create or be exposed to email messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, journal entries, and notes. Book and flash drive required.

MS Word (Specialist/Level 1)

Prerequisites: Completion of Computer Essentials or equivalent. Recommended typing speed of at least 25 wpm. This course covers the basic operation of Microsoft Word, a word processing application. Topics to be covered are creating, editing, and printing Word documents; formatting and using Help; enhancing the visual display and clarity of documents; working with multiple documents; and formatting documents. Book and Flash Drive required

MS Word (Expert/Level 2)

Prerequisites: Completion of MS Word Specialist or equivalent. Recommended typing speed of at least 35 wpm.
This course covers the advanced operation of Microsoft Word, a word processing application. Topics to be covered are advanced formatting of documents with special features; mail merging documents; sorting and selecting data; working with shared documents; creating tables; working with graphics in documents; creating fill-in forms; creating and manipulating documents with columns; using wizards, and designing, editing, and using templates. Book and Flash Drive required.

Office Procedures

Improve your overall skills as an Office Professional. Units of study include Stress & Time Management, Telephone Techniques, Communication Skills, Mail Handling and Office Ethics. Lectures, hands-on exercises and computer use will be incorporated into instruction.

Parent Education
Parents and children participate together in a preschool setting. Parents should bring a snack for their children each week. Each class meets once a week.
Please bring your child’s immunization record at time of registration (Children MUST have immunizations in order to attend). Free immunizations are available at the Whittier Health Center,7643 South Painter Avenue,Whittier. For further information call 562-464-5350.

Enrollment is limited. Please arrive early at the first class meeting to register. Students may enroll throughout the term as space is available.

Parenting the Infant

(Infants one month old to walking)
Parents receive information on feeding, sleep habits, nutrition, and stages of infancy. Parents learn songs, finger plays, and ideas to use at home. Great support for new moms!



Parenting the Toddler

(Infants walking to 24 months old)
Parents and toddlers participate in language development activities including songs, games, and finger plays. Parents receive information on different stages of development.


Parenting the Two-Year-Old

(Children 24 months to 36 months)
This class is a must for parents of those terrific two-year olds! Parent-child activities include singing, movement, painting, crafts, and storytelling. Parents receive information on such topics as discipline, nutrition, toilet training, and sleep habits.


Parenting the Preschooler

(Children 3 to 4 years old)
Parents spend quality time with their children in a preschool setting as they participate in singing, learning games and creative activities. Parents are given information about preschooler growth and development, discipline and school readiness.


Parenting the Preschooler - Prekindergarten

(Children must turn 4 years old by September 1st to be eligible for this class.) - No siblings, please. Parents and children participate together in a variety of learning activities which help to prepare children for school. Children increase social skills by participating in cooperative play. Parents discuss child development, learning styles, and school readiness.


The payroll course will take you through a practice set that will give you experience in performing a wide range of payroll activities. You will handle the payroll work of a small, simulated business. You will learn and be responsible for the work involved in the preparation of four weekly payrolls and the completion of end-of-quarter and end-of year procedures.
This class is offered at various times during the year. Please verify the starting date and time of this class.
Must purchase book for class.


Pre-requisite: Completion of first section of basic accounting theory course or adequate knowledge of accounting.
Needed: Flash-drive, purchase of book.

You will put your accounting knowledge to work in this computer accounting program. QuickBooks is one of the most popular general ledger software packages used in small and medium sized businesses. Through book explanations and exercises, you will learn to maintain a general ledger, track vendor, customer, and inventory activities; process payroll for company employees; prepare bank reconciliation's; track time for employees and jobs; and complete other key accounting procedures. This course is self-paced and enrollment is open and contingent on your accounting knowledge. 

Typing Speed Certificate

Call Adult School Office for registrations instructions 562-698-8121 ext. 1300. Requirements for certificate: Pass three 5-minute timed writings with 5 or fewer errors.

Windows Operating Systems & File management

Prerequisites: Keyboard 35 wpm, completion of MS Word or Excel level 1 or equivalent.
This course exposes the student to valuable skills and techniques using the Microsoft Windows environment. Students will learn how to create and customize new accounts separating users and apply customizing features to suit each users needs and preferences. In the file management section of the course one will learn how to properly install and uninstall software, create personal and system backups, find misplaced files or folders and much more. Flash drive required.