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Whittier Union Adult School

ASB Council Meeting (Minutes) » Minutes - ASB Daytime Council, 2/3/15

Minutes - ASB Daytime Council, 2/3/15





February 3, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 9:23 AM by Mrs. McKenna.

Mrs. McKenna welcomed everyone to the meeting.

The Council was encouraged to communicate to their fellow classmates the information that is discussed at ASB meetings.

The minutes of the December 16, 2014, Daytime Council meeting were approved as written.

Program Update
  • Winter Term Ends: March 6, 2014
  • Spring Term Begins: March 9, 2015
  • Spring Term Ends: June 5, 2015
  • Spring Break: March 23-27, 2015
Financial Report

The balance as of February 2, 2015, was $2,746.25.

Report from Evening ASB Council

The minutes from the December 17, 2014, Evening ASB Council were distributed. Mrs. McKenna explained that the minutes from each council meeting are given to the other council, so that they each know what is being discussed at each other’s meetings.

New Business

The council voted on ways to celebrate “The Day of The Teacher” event. They voted unanimously to provide lunch and a light dinner for the staff on this occasion. Mrs. McKenna emphasized the importance of the Council members to bring in catering ideas and pricing, so the Council can make an informed choice. The Council also voted unanimously to provide each teacher with a gift valued no more than $15. One Council member shared her idea of giving a personalized coffee cups as a gift. Another student offered to create centerpieces for the tables, and the Council would reimburse her for the cost of materials, not exceeding $15 a piece. Mrs. McKenna suggested she bring in a sample centerpiece with the cost information, so the Council can make an informed decision.

Mrs. Roberts, the Director of the Adult School, attended part of the ASB meeting to inform the Council on a few issues. She let the Council know that the Adult School is financially secure for the next 2015/2016 school year.

She also informed the Council that the Governor’s Budget Proposal requires better communications between the adult schools and the junior colleges. The changes that may take place under his new proposal will become clearer in May 2015. Mrs. Roberts will keep the Council posted as new information is made available.

Mrs. Roberts also spoke to the Council about the Adult School’s Technology Plan. Two ASB students will be asked to be on the Technology Planning Committee. The Council’s participation is desired because part of the Grant agreement is to have student input. Mrs. Roberts also informed the Council that part of the received grant money is used for teacher technological training. The teachers are being provided Google training, such as in maps, calendars, and docs etc. The teachers are to transfer this knowledge onto their students.

Old Business

The Council discussed better ways to promote the Photo IDS. The Council voted unanimously to purchase an easel and have it set-up near the Snack Shack in hopes to better promote the Photo ID dates. Mrs. McKenna will purchase the easel and create a large sign promoting the Photo ID dates.

The 2014 Christmas Toy Drive was a big success. There were even more toys collected than in the previous year.

Mrs. McKenna informed the Council that she will further discuss the possibility of having a wood bench built around one of the trees on campus.

Student Concerns

One student brought up the idea of having a few of the picnic tables, which are out by the trailers, moved onto the grassy area and have umbrellas added to the tables. The Daytime Council voted, unanimously, in favor of this idea. Mrs. McKenna would buy the umbrellas using ASB funds if this idea is approved by the Director Debbie Roberts.

A few students inquired about the possibility of classes being offered on Saturdays because their schedules conflict with their ability to attend some weekday courses.


The next ASB Daytime meeting will be March 4, 2015.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Audrey McKenna, ASB Council Coordinator & CTE Teacher