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ASB Council Meeting (Minutes) » Minutes - ASB Morning Council 5/2/13

Minutes - ASB Morning Council 5/2/13





May 2, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 9:59 AM by Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts.

Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts welcomed everyone to the meeting. Students introduced themselves to each other. Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts thanked everyone for participating on the council.

The minutes of the April 18, 2013, Daytime Council meeting were approved as written.

Program Update

Spring Term Ends – June 14, 2013

Summer School Begins – June 24, 2013

Summer School Ends – July, 18, 2013

Fall Term Begins – August 19, 2013

Financial Report

The balance as of June 6, 2013, is $2,659.31.

Mrs. Roberts reminded the Council that the majority of the ASB income comes from the purchase of Student ID’s.

Report from Evening ASB Council

The minutes from April 17, 2013, Evening ASB Council was distributed. Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts explained that the minutes from each council meeting are given to the other council, so that they each know what is being discussed at each other’s meetings.

Day of the Teacher

Mrs. Roberts explained to the Council that there was a problem with purchasing the flash drive the Council had originally voted on, as a gift for the staff for “Day of the Teacher”. It was not possible to purchase the 8 GB bracelet flash drives because the number we needed was not available. She brought in a sample of a 4 GB flash drive that one of the students, Javier, had found. The Council voted to purchase this one instead. Since it only cost about $5.00, the council voted to give the flash drive and a $10 Starbuck’s gift card to each staff member.

The Council approved the following “Day of the Teacher” expenditures:
  • Food from Gondola’s – (approximately $320 --- including tip)
  • Gifts for Teachers ($10 Starbucks gift card and a $5 flash drive, but if a flash drive cannot be purchased on time, a $15 Starbucks gift card will be purchased-- cost approximately $1400).
  • Additional costs as needed for tablecloths, drinks, flowers and paper goods.
Monica Zabala brought in a sample of the candy centerpiece she made. Everyone expressed how much they liked it. She also brought in a sample of the gift tag and the invitation for the “Day of the Teacher” event for the Council to view. She was thanked by the Council for her work.

Mrs. McKenna shared that she was going to have her ABE multi-level writing class create poems and use them to help decorate the room for the event. Other decorating ideas were discussed.

It was announced to the Council that gift wrapping for the “Day of the Teacher” would take place on Tuesday, May 7, 2013, from 10:00 – 12:00. Students were asked to come to room 221 at 9:00 on Thursday, May 9, to begin decorating the room and to deliver the gifts to the staff. Students may also help serve staff members at the luncheon from 11:30 to 1:00, and can help clean up after the luncheon.

Student Concerns

It was mentioned by a student that next year discussions about the “Day of the Teacher” gift should begin earlier.


The fall 2013 ASB meetings have not yet been scheduled, but when they are, students will be notified by letter with the dates and location of the meetings. Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts thanked everyone for participating and supporting their school throughout the 2012-2013 school year.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Audrey McKenna, ASB Council Coordinator & CTE Teacher