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Whittier Union Adult School

ASB Council Meeting (Minutes) » Minutes - ASB Daytime Council 9/27/12

Minutes - ASB Daytime Council 9/27/12





September 27, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 10:04 AM by Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts.
Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts welcomed everyone to the meeting. Students introduced themselves to each other. Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts thanked everyone for participating on the Council.

The minutes of the May 31, 2012, Daytime Council meeting were approved as written.

Program Update

Fall Term ends November 30, 2012.

There will not be classes on October 8, a District float day; November 12, Veteran’s Day; and November 19 thru 23, a combination of District float days and the Thanksgiving holiday.

Winter Term begins December 3, 2012.

Photo ID’s will be taken on October 16, 17, and 18, from 8:30 – 9:00 AM; 11:45 -12:40 PM; and 6:00 – 6:45 PM.

The changes in the school calendar for the 2013-2014 school year were discussed. The school year will begin mid- August of 2013, and end late in May of 2014. Staff and students are given a year to arrange their schedules to coincide with the new school year schedule.

Financial Report

The balance as of September 25, 2012, is $3,184.94.

Report from Evening ASB Council

The minutes from the May 30, 2012, Evening ASB Council was distributed. Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts explained that the minutes from each council meeting are given to the other council, so that they each know what is being discussed at each other’s meetings.

New Business

The Council was reminded of the donations from Target when staff or students use a Target credit card for their purchases. The Council was reminded that at the time of their purchase, they must state that they want their donation to go to Sierra Vista, not Whittier Adult School. It was also brought up that advertisement by way of school fliers may help to promote more donations from Target.

The next ASB meeting will include voting for Council Officers. The Council will vote for a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. The Council was informed that in becoming an officer, an individual will not be burdened with a lot of extra duties. Most often, an officer’s main duty is to be a representative of the larger Council.

Mrs. Roberts explained to the Council why the ASB Financial Report includes the budget of the Parent Education Trust Fund. The Adult School only receives money for the parents of children in this program; therefore, the Parent Education Department has their own separate budget, so they can have fund raisers to make money for children expenditures, such as, toys and books etc. for the children.

Students mentioned the importance of informing other students about ASB expenditures. For example, there could be a list of expenditures handed out at the time a student attains a Photo ID. Students may be more apt to want a Photo ID if they know the money goes towards purchases such as; flowers for the high school graduation, caps and gowns for the graduates who can not afford them, and the “Day of the Teacher” celebration. It was also brought up by students that the announcements for the dates and times of Student ID’s should be better advertised.

One student brought up the idea of the ASB Council hosting a Christmas luncheon as a possible fundraiser.

Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts also shared the possibility of the ASB Council being involved with the Red Cross Blood Drive; and the Family Self-Sufficiency & Homeless Program’s Annual Toy Drive.
Old Business

The Council was provided with a brief WASC update. The Whittier Adult School earned a six year accreditation with a visit the third year. Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Roberts shared the targeted improvements that the school is currently addressing. For example, the school has increased support for the GED Lab in hopes of raising the number of students passing the GED exam; reviewing assessment tests; and updating classroom materials, especially for Sierra Vista.

The Council was provided the Presbyterian Care Force One medical mobile schedule. The Council was asked to draw their attention to the dates, times, and services provided which are listed on the flyer. They were also informed that these services are available for everyone, not just WUHSD students.

The success of the farewell celebration for past Director, Mickie Yuchno, was shared.

Student Concerns

A council member brought up the idea of beginning the preparation for “Day of the Teacher” earlier.


The next ASB Daytime Council meeting is scheduled for October 23, at 9:45 AM.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Audrey McKenna, ASB Council Coordinator & CTE Teacher