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ABE Resources

Learn to Type!
Typing lessons will help you write faster on the computer.

Typing Practice
Use this site to learn how to type or brush up on your skills. It's useful for students of all levels, beginning to advanced typists. You'll need to sign up with a user name and a password, but it's free.

Grammar Games
This site uses games to help you practice grammar. This site is blocked at school, but is available to you at home.

This website helps you practice many grammar points. Click on what you would like to practice. There is a grammar description and on the bottom of the page there are several exercises for practice.

Grammar/Vocabulary Practice
This site has opportunities to practice grammar and vocabulary at all ESL levels.

American History
Great website to learn about America -- its history, holidays, and famous people

English for Everyone
Free worksheets for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Click on the left-hand menu to choose grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, and many other topics. Check it out.

Many Things
This is a site that has many reading and vocabulary activities. Read and listen to short stories written by famous American writers. Learn and practice new words with fun games. Activities for all levels.