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Labor Day




      Coloring Page

      People in My Community. Word Search

      Jobs People Do. Word Search.

      People in My Community. Crossword.

      Police Officer Coloring Sheet.

      911 Coloring Sheet




      Labor Day  Discussion Topics

      Reading. The Farmer and His Son.

      Jobs People Do. Crossword.

      Jobs People Do. Word Search.




        The History of Labor Day

        Reading. The Grasshopper and the Ants.

        Labor Day Trailer




 Constitution Day




      The Great Seal

      American Flag

      Preamble to the Constitution (Manuscript)

      Preamble to the Constitution (Cursive)

        Constitution Day word search

      The Bald Eagle (coloring picture)





      Branches of Government

      Class Constitution

      Who Am I?

      Constitution Day word search



       Constitution Day Crossword

       Constitution Day Word Search

      Preamble (Principles of the Constitution)

      Limited Government

      Bill of Rights Part 1

      Bill of Rights Part 2

      Legislative Powers and Limitations

      Executive Powers and Limitations

      Judicial Powers and Limitations



      September 11.  




     The National September 11 Memorial Museum. Pictures to discuss.



    Paul : 9/11 (3) ** par  Paul (Michigan, USA) - 6 September 2011
   Listening.  Paul explains us why 9/11 was such a tragic event in the US.


  Kim : my memories of 9/11 (2/2) ** par  Kim (an American woman living in France) - 7 September 2011
  As an American living in France, Kim explains how she had to deal with unexpected reactions from some French people after the attacks   of September 11th, 2001.


      Allen : 9/11  ** par  Allen (Mississippi, USA) - 6 septembre 201 Allen remembers the day of September 11th, 2001.


     Jenny : my memories of 9/11 (1/3) ** par  Jenny (an English woman living in France) - 4 septembre 2011
   Jenny talks about where she was and what she was doing when she heard about the news of the attacks in the USA in 2001 and also how    she felt.


     Jenny : my memories of 9/11 (2/3) ** par  Jenny (an English woman living in France) - 4 septembre 2011
      Jenny explains that her brother-in-law was in New York at the time of the attacks and how she felt.



     9/11 Heroes.  Reading and Comprehension Materials and Worksheets

 - Multiple Choice Quiz - difficult, but interesting (   

Paul Simon, America's Folk Soul, offers a deeply moving and atmospheric rendering of his signature tune "Sound of Silence", on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11!

Song Lyrics

   Columbus Day

  Topics for Discussion


   Reading Comprehension

   Columbus Day Vocabulary

   Columbus Day Picture Cards

    Coloring Page and Questions to discuss
      Columbus Landing. Coloring Page

   Columbus Day Word Search



   The History of Columbus Day

   Columbus Day Word Search

   Reading, Listening, Gap Fill, Spelling



  Selected Poems for Columbus Day

   Columbus Day Word Search

   Listening and Video Lesson





      Discussion topics

      Language Activities


      Writing Activities

      My Halloween Story



       Easy Halloween Word Search

      Moderate Halloween Word Search

      Easy Halloween Crossword

      A talk- and -color page about Halloween safety





      Halloween Word Search

      Halloween Word Jumble

      Halloween Crossword

      Sensing Halloween





      Halloween Word Search

      Halloween Crossword 

      Adjectives "Who goes there?"

      Sensing Halloween


       Veterans Day


      Discussion Topics



      Veterans Day Word Cards

      Veterans Day  Word Search

      Veterans Day Talk- and Color Sheet




      Veterans Day Word Search

      Veterans Day Vocabulary




      Brief History of Veterans Day:

      Veterans Day Crossword

      Veterans Day Word Map

      Veteran Acrostic Poem

       Video and Questions





      Discussion Topics

      My Thankful List




      Reading. First Thanksgiving.

      First Thanksgiving. Crossword

      Word Search

      Cornucopia Coloring Page. Trace, talk, and color.

      Harvest Time. Learn-and-color page with action rhymes

      Thanksgiving Word Wall Cards

      Thanksgiving Food Wall Cards





     Reading. The Ears of Wheat. (a classic tale from the brothers Grimm)

      Talking Turkey. Crossword

      Thanksgiving Word Jumble

      Pilgrims. A talk-and-color page.





      The First Harvest-Home in Plymouth

      Reading. How Indian Corn Came into the World

      Celebrating Thanksgiving. Crossword.

      Word Search

      Thanksgiving Quiz Puzzle




      Did You Ever See a Turkey?
      (to the tune of "Did You Ever See a Lassie?")


       Did you ever see a turkey,
      A turkey, a turkey,
      Did you ever see a turkey
      Run this way and that?
      He runs, and he runs,
      And he runs, and he runs!.
      To keep from being dinner on Thanksgiving Day!


      God's Blessings
      (to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")


       We are thankful for the ways
      That God's blessed us all today.
      Thanks for moms and dads so dear.
      Thanks for food and clothes we wear.
      We are thankful for the ways
      That God's blessed us all today.





      Under the Christmas - Crossword Puzzle
      At the North Pole Crossword
      Toy Land Word Search
     "The Bells Of Christmas"
      Clothes We Wear in Winter
      Holly Jolly Christmas coloring page
      Match Christmas Words



      Merry Christmas Crossword

      How sweet it is!
      Shop til you drop.
      The First Christmas Word Search
      Christmas Theme
      Christmas Gift Ideas Word Search
      Christmas Gift Ideas Solution



      Sing a Song Crossword
      Christmas World Search 


   Christmas Songs (All Levels)

      Jingle Bells
      Our Christmas Tree


  Martin Luther King



      MLK Beginning Puzzle
      MLK Easy Puzzle
      MLK Easy Crossword



      MLK Word Puzzle
      MLK Moderate Puzzle
      MLK Intermediate Crossword


      MLK Mega Puzzle
      MLK Mega Crossword
      MLK reading

      " I Have a Dream" Video

   Songs (all Levels):

   Groundhog Day


Background of Groundhog Day (Beg. and Interm.)


      Groundhog Day writing
      Groundhog Day Crossword
      Groundhog Day Crossword Answer



      Groundhog Day Word Search
      Groundhog Day Word Search Answer



      Groundhog Day Origin
      Groundhog Day Movie Trailer:
      Best  Scenes from  "Groundhog Day " movie:

   Valentine's Day

      Valentine's Day Writing and Journal Prompts ( all levels)


    Valentine's Day Reading
    VD Elementary Puzzle
     VD Easy Word Search



      The Story of St. Valentine

     VD Intermediate Crossword
      VD Intermediate World Search
      The Perfect Valentine's Gift



      The Story of St. Valentine
      VD Advanced Crossword
      VD Mega Word Search
      Valentine's Challenge


   Songs (all levels):

     "Love Me Tender"  lyrics only

       "Love Me Tender" video with lyrics 

      "Dance Me to the End of Love" video with lyrics

       "Souvenir" video with lyrics

      "Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye" video with lyrics 

      "I'll Always Love You" with lyrics  (a couple of pictures on this video are on the suggestive side) (vocabulary exercises)

      " Chances are " by Jonny  Mathis

       " Chances are" lyrics


   Presidents' Day


      President Day Coloring Papers
     Abraham Lincoln Coloring Page
      Presidents' Day Word Wall


      George Washington Biography and reading comprehension question
      Biography Form
      Washington-Lincoln Venn Diagram
      Washington Word Search
      Lincoln's Birthday Word Search




      Reading Comprehension: George Washington Biography (plus critical thinking questions)     

     Abraham Lincoln speech "Gettysburg Address"
      US Presidents Word Search
      If I were  President
   `  President Day Crossword

      Vocabulary Game


      American Presidential Speech Archive



    Songs (all levels): (Song about Washington and Lincoln).


    Ash Wednesday

   Beginning - Intermediate

     What is Ash Wednesday?

      What is Fat Tuesday?


      St. Patrick's Day

      St. Patrick's Day Discussion Topics


      Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's day

      Paddy's Pooch Coloring Page
       Word Search and Answer Key


       Reading and Comprehension
      Word Search and Answer Key
      Seeing Green Crossword Puzzle
      St. Patrick's Day Word Search


      Word Search and Answer Key
      Language Activities and Games
      St. Patrick's Day Close Exercises
      St. Patrick's Day Rhymes


      Irish Folk Songs ( all levels):

      My Wild Irish Rose
      My Wild Irish Rose lyrics

      An Irishman's Dream
      An Irishman's Dream lyrics



      Easter Discussion Topics


      Easter Bunny Story Starter
      Easter Word Wall
      Easter Fun Word Search
      Beyond the Easter Bunny Word Search
      Easter Fun Crossword Puzzle
      Easter Card



       Easter Eggs Crossword Puzzle
      The First Easter Crossword Puzzle
      Easter Egg Hunt
      Easter Bingo



      Easter Conversation Questions
      Easter Challenge Crossword Puzzle  This site includes Easter as well as other holidays, topics, and  language          activities which are flexible enough for different ages and language learning levels. Some of them require students to find answers on the Internet. Students do the research to comprehend the new information.

      Easter song and some Easter Jokes

   Mother's Day


    Reading Comprehension (with reading comprehension activities)
      Reading Comprehension
      Mother's Day Puzzle0
      Mother's Day Puzzle Answer Key



       Reading Comprehension Activities
      Robot Mother Reading and Writing
      Mother's Day Vocabulary
      Mother's Day Vocabulary Answer Key



      Notable Quotations about Mothering
      Reading Comprehension (with reading comprehension activities)


      Songs (all levels):

      "Guardian Angel" with lyrics

      To My Mom "Save a Place for Me" with lyrics

      John Lennon "Mother" with lyrics

      John Lennon "Woman" with lyrics


      Memorial Day


       What is Memorial Day?
      Memorial Day Word Wall
      Memorial Day Crossword
      Easy Word Search
       Word Search

      Intermediate The History of Memorial Day Discussion Topics
      Memorial Day Crossword
      Moderate Word Search

        Advanced The History of Memorial Day Discussion Topics
      Memorial Day Crossword
      Challenging Memorial Day Word Search


      Songs (all levels):


      Ballad of the Green Beret
      Green Beret lyrics
      America the Beautiful with lyrics


       Flag Day




       American Flag Reading
      American Flag Puzzle
      American Flag Puzzle Answer Key
      American Flag Reading -2
       Coloring Page
      Pledge of Allegiance



      Reading Comprehension http://
      All about Statue of Liberty
      Citizenship Crossword
      Patriotic Word search



     Reading Comprehension
      Citizenship Word search


      Songs ( all levels):

      The Star- Spangled Banner with lyrics
      There's a Star -Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
      There's a Star-Spangled Banner lyrics


      Father's Day

      Discussion Topics:
      Language Activities:



      FD Vocabulary 
      FD Vocabulary Answer
      FD Reading
       FD Word Search1
      Coloring Page
      FD Word Search 2


      FD Present
      Father's Day Story Paper
      FD Crossword
      FD Crossword Answer
      FD Word Search


      Quotations about Fathers
      Games and Activities

      Songs (all levels):

      Father's Love (with lyrics)
      Thank You for Being My Dad (with lyrics) 
      Through the Love of My Father (with lyrics)


      Independence Day


         Family BBQ
         Potato Salad Recipe
         Fireworks Safety



         Writing. Independence Day Picnic
         Independence Day Games
         Find the Differences
         Independence Day Crossword
         Independence Day Crossword Answer Key
         US Symbols Word Search



         Celebrating America's Birthday
         Notable Quotations
         Resolution of the stamp Act
         Liberty or Death
         Declaration of Independence
          4th of July Word Search


         Songs (all levels):

      America the Beautiful (with lyrics)
      This Land is Your Land (with lyrics)