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Whittier Union Adult School

ASB Council Meeting (Minutes) » Minutes - ASB Daytime Council 12/9/15

Minutes - ASB Daytime Council 12/9/15





December 9, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 9:22 AM by Mrs. McKenna.

Mrs. McKenna welcomed everyone to the meeting.

The Council was encouraged to inform their fellow classmates on topics discussed at ASB meetings.

The minutes of the November 18, 2015, Daytime Council meeting were approved as written.

Program Update
  • Winter Term : November 9, 2015-February 26, 2016
  • Christmas Break: December 21, 2015- January 6, 2016
  • Martin Luther King Day: January 18, 2016
  • Lincoln’s Birthday: February 8, 2016
  • President’s Day: February 5, 2016
  • Photo ID Dates: December 8, 9, and 16, 2015
Financial Report

The balance as of December 8, 2015, was $679,81

Report from Evening ASB Council

The minutes from the November 17, 2015, Evening ASB Council were distributed. Mrs. McKenna explained that the minutes from each council meeting are given to the other council, so that they each know what is being discussed at each other’s meetings.

New Business

Decorated boxes for the Christmas toy drive will be placed in every classroom and office by Wednesday, December 9, 2015. The Interfaith Food Center will pick-up the toys on Friday, December 18, 2015, at 1:00 PM. Mrs. McKenna will email all staff requesting the toys be brought into the Adult School Office by Friday morning, December 18, 2015. If a teacher requests a pick-up, Felipe will accommodate all requests.

The Council expressed concern over the ASB budget funds being low. A few members suggested the Council have a bake sale or have a See’s candy fund raiser for Easter. Mrs. McKenna shared with the Council that there is no need to raise money unless there is a particular need. In the past, the Council has been able to do whatever it desired within its budget.

Old Business

Mrs. McKenna shared with the students the success of the Thanksgiving food drive. More food was collected this year than last and that is true success! The Interfaith Food Center expressed its gratitude and said the Whittier Adult School ASB Council is there largest contributor.

Students continued to express concern and dissatisfaction with the Frontier students regarding leaving trash on the lunch tables and riding skateboards on campus in an irresponsible manner. Mrs. McKenna promised the Council to address this issue, again, with Mrs. Roberts.

A student made the recommendation that perhaps the Photo ID dates be advertised on the marquee. Mrs. McKenna will also bring this up to the Director. Some Council members also requested that handicaped students be allowed to go to the front of the Photo ID line.

Mrs. McKenna informed the Council that the Adult School is continuing to pursue a fix to the Mulberry parking lot entrance.

Student Concerns

Again, several students complained that around 12:00, the women’s bathroom near the snack shack is very dirty.

Some students requested more ESL classes be offered. Mrs. McKenna informed them that this is a real possibility because funding is available and there is a very strong likelihood more ESL classes will soon be offered.

It was also suggested the Adult School have a drill in place in case of some type of terrorist attack. The students would like a drill similar to the earthquake drill.


The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Audrey McKenna, ASB Council Coordinator & CTE Teacher