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Whittier Union Adult School

ASB Council Meeting (Minutes) » Minutes - ASB Evening Council 12/17/14

Minutes - ASB Evening Council 12/17/14




December 17, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM by Mrs. McKenna.

Mrs. McKenna welcomed everyone to the meeting.

The Council was encouraged to communicate to their fellow classmates the information that is discussed at ASB meetings.

The minutes of the November 19, 2014, Evening Council meeting were approved as written.

Program Update
  • Winter Term Ends: March 6, 2014
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 24-28, 2014
  • Christmas Break: December 22, 2014-January 4, 2015
  • Martin Luther King Holiday- January 19, 2015
Financial Report

The balance as of December 16, 2014, was $5,294.70.

Report from Daytime ASB Council

The minutes from the November 18, 2014, Daytime ASB Council were distributed. Mrs. McKenna explained that the minutes from each council meeting are given to the other council, so that they each know what is being discussed at each other’s meetings.

New Business

Mrs. McKenna informed the Evening Council about the Daytime Council’s desire to purchase a stand to better promote the Photo IDs. The Evening Council voted to make this purchase. The vote was unanimously in favor of this idea.

Mrs. McKenna also informed the Evening Council that the Daytime Council had discussed the "Day of the Teacher" celebration, and several students suggested celebrating this occasion on a smaller scale ; therefore, not spending so much money on this event. The Evening Council is open to this idea, but also really likes the idea of celebrating this event in the manner that it has been done in the past few years.

Mrs. McKenna also informed the Evening Council about the Daytime Council’s suggestion about creating a student garden and /or having benches built around some of the trees in the grassy areas of the campus to provide a scenic and shaded área for students to sit . Mrs. McKenna told the Council that she would bring these suggestions to Director, Debbie Roberts, and get her input on whether these ideas are possible.

Mrs. McKenna asked all Council members to encourage more student participation in the Christmas Toy Drive. She suggested the Council members ask their teachers if they can make an announcement to the class encouraging each student to donate one toy for the Christmas Toy Drive in hopes of securing a successful drive.

Old Business

Mrs. McKenna reminded the Council that if they decide to buy gifts for the "Day of the Teacher", students should bring a sample gift and cost details to a Council meeting, sooner than later, to avoid complications in getting the gifts on time. In the past, the Council often waited too long to make a decisión on a gift; therefore, the Council was not able to get the gift it really wanted on time.

Mrs. McKenna also reminded the Council that an ASB member must be a student in good standing. She also reminded the Council members that ultimately it is the teacher’s decision whether a student can attend a meeting or not. Mrs. McKenna also emphasized the importance of leaving and returning to the classroom with minimal disruption. Mrs.McKenna thanked all members for participating in the ASB Council and told the members that their contribution is greatly appreciated.

Student Concerns

No concerns were mentioned at this time.


The next ASB Daytime meeting will be February 4, 2015.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Audrey McKenna, ASB Council Coordinator & CTE Teacher